Teresa Cacho is a multidisciplinary artist and designer born in Spain and based in New York City. 

From figurative portraits and landscapes to geometry, patterns and textures are some of the things Teresa loves and are represented in her work. She works with the interaction between light and dark, color, contrast, and a combination of different materials and textures arranged in organic and geometric compositions. The techniques used by her range from the classic oil, collage, mixed and acrylic paintings to digital mediums such video, photography and animation. 

Teresa received her BFA-MFA from Complutense University of Madrid and became resident of 'Espacio Naranjo' during the years of 2008-09 while studying. She is a founding member of the art collective Vainica Project and has been recently included in solo and group exhibitions at Inrivers Gallery (Brooklyn), Aronson Gallery (NYC), Fowler Studios (Brooklyn), The Roomate Hotel (NYC), and Mel Lastman (Toronto). Currently she works for a range of studios specialized in digital art, and fabrication applied to architectural elements.



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Teresa Cacho Studio
101 St Marks Place
10009 New York, NY

design, cg rendering & fabrication for architectural elements